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The Weight Biology Kit



Doing everything right but still not losing weight? Our at-home lab kit helps you discover and monitor the metabolic factors affecting your weight. We’ll dive deeper into how these biomarkers are interconnected and share personalized steps to get well.

What's Included
  • Easy Instructions
  • Blood Sample Collection Kit
  • Prepaid Shipping Envelope
  • Personalized Explanation of Results
  • Custom Next Steps
  • Access to Online Resources
What’s Tested
Related Symptoms

This kit may be right for you if you:

  • Struggle to manage your weight
  • Want to monitor the impact of diet and lifestyle changes
  • Have a family history of metabolic conditions (like type 2 diabetes)
  • Are curious about your metabolic health
  • Want to test or monitor your fasting insulin levels
  • Hope to optimize your longevity
  • Experience fatigue, bloating, or discomfort

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CLIA Lab Certified

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At-home Lab Kit


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Portal with Personalized Next Steps

How It Works

01) Order your at-home lab kit.

We’ll deliver everything you need right to your door.

02) Collect your sample.

Read the instructions, perform a quick, painless finger prick, and mail your kit back to us.

03) Review your results.

Access our online portal to get your personalized results and analysis.

04) See the big picture.

We help you understand how your results are interconnected so you can take steps to get well.

What You Can Uncover

We test eight key biomarkers to expose metabolic conditions affecting your weight. Your results can uncover:

Insulin Resistance

Insulin resistance makes it difficult to lose weight due to the overproduction of insulin, a fat-storage hormone. This kit is the first and only at-home test that identifies insulin resistance early on and gives you next steps to get your levels under control.

Metabolic Syndrome

Metabolic syndrome is a collection of conditions, including issues like high blood sugar or unhealthy cholesterol levels. When you understand how these conditions function together, you can develop a roadmap to gain health, lose weight, and prevent disease.

Unhealthy Cholesterol Levels

High cholesterol can make weight loss challenging and cause other health issues. If your cholesterol levels put you at risk, we can walk you through different ways you can improve your health, like supplementation, medication, and diet changes.

Pre-Diabetes or Type 2 Diabetes

If you’re diagnosed with pre-diabetes or diabetes, we’ll walk you through your risks. But don’t panic—knowledge is power! Diabetes progression can be reversed with the right approach. We’ll recommend lifestyle adjustments you can make to regain your health.

Vitamin B12 Deficiency

It takes energy to tackle these health risks and to commit to daily change. If you know that your Vitamin B12 levels are below average, then we can help you with supplementation.

Thyroid Conditions

If your thyroid gland is not producing enough of the thyroid hormone, you can experience issues with your energy, body temperature, and metabolism. We’ll provide resources to support your thyroid and give you information to discuss with your healthcare team.

90% of our patients find at least one metabolic condition impacting their weight



Is this kit right for me?

Check out our article to learn if this kit is a good fit.

How often should I test my labs?

We recommend taking a look at your lab work quarterly or at least twice a year. This will help you to stay up to date with your metabolic health journey and track improvements as you make health and lifestyle changes. We want to be your partner and help you gain health from the inside out.

What items will I receive in my lab kit?

Your kit includes lancets, alcohol prep pads, gauze pads, bandages, and sample collection cards. It also includes a foil pouch, a specimen bag, and a bubble mailer with prepaid postage to return your sample. You’ll get detailed instructions on how to collect your sample and return it to one of our labs.

Are the lab kits covered by my insurance company?

Unfortunately, most insurance companies do not cover at-home blood testing. However, we encourage you to check with your individual health insurance carrier.

Can I use my HSA or FSA benefits to pay for the lab kits?

In most cases, you can submit your superbill receipt for reimbursement from your HSA/FSA account. To request this receipt, email support@getsowell.com. We encourage you to check with your individual plan for specific questions related to coverage and reimbursement.

Can I purchase a lab kit if I have a known health condition?

Yes! Our at-home lab kits can help you gain insights into a previously diagnosed condition. They also help you track and trend your own health data, so you can see improvements over time. However, we recommend reviewing the results with your doctors before making any changes in your day-to-day care.