What is HOMA-IR and How to Find It

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HOMA-IR Results

Less than 1.0 means you are insulin-sensitive - this is optimal.

Above 1.9 indicates early insulin resistance.

Above 2.9 indicates significant insulin resistance.

To learn more about insulin resistance and the biological science behind it, check out this article. To learn more about Type 2 Diabetes and how to get diagnosed, check out this article.

The HOMA-IR calculation requires U.S. standard units.

To convert from international S.I. units:

  • Insulin: pmol/L to uIU/mL, divide by 6
  • Glucose: mmol/L to mg/dL, multiply by 18

HOMA-IR Score Calculator

Insulin, a hormone secreted by your pancreas, helps the body use glucose for fuel. When the body becomes insulin resistant, the pancreas will increase its production of insulin to compensate, but increased levels of insulin can damage your overall health and make it very difficult to lose weight.

If insulin resistance is left untreated, it can lead to the development of pre-diabetes, Type 2 diabetes mellitus or other metabolic conditions, like heart disease and fatty liver disease.

The good news is that when insulin resistance is identified early, it can be reversed. That is why we recommend using the HOMA-IR to identify subtle insulin resistance, even before it is evident in more traditional screening measures like hemoglobin HA1c (HA1c) and fasting blood sugar.

The HOMA-IR tool is a validated, non-invasive tool to assess the relationship between glucose and insulin. If elevated, it can guide you to make diet and lifestyle changes that will bring your HOMA-IR score down into the insulin-sensitive range, lose weight, and improve your health.*

HOMA-IR Score Calculator

*Vogeser, M. Fasting serum insulin and the homeostasis model of insulin resistance (HOMA-IR) in the monitoring of lifestyle interventions in obese persons. Clinical Biochemistry (2007), vol. 40, issue 13/14:964–8.

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