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If you want to get your patients the testing they need, partner with SoWell Health for Accessible Metabolic Testing.

For Your Clients

At SoWell Health, our mission is to help people lose weight, gain health, and prevent disease through personalized, evidence-based care. Often, that means empowering health practitioners and coaches, dieticians and nutritionists  with similar values to better serve their own clientele.

Avoid the headache of negotiating with primary care offices to get your patients the testing they need through SoWell Health’s Partner Program. We make weight biology labs accessible to practitioners like nutritionists, health coaches and more, without the headache of the excessive documentation, bureaucracy, and other barriers that are standard in the healthcare industry.

The Weight Biology Kit

Our kit will give you and your patients a deep understanding of their metabolic health that you can use as a first step towards administering care and providing weight loss solutions. Use your patient’s labs as a benchmark to recommend treatment or to track their progress on your program over time.

SoWell Lab Kit
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Providing Answers

Most people who struggle to manage their weight have something on the inside that’s impacting their outside. The Weight Biology Kit identifies biological roadblocks that are hindering your patient’s metabolism so you can build a program that works with their body, not against it.

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What We Test For

The Weight Biology Kit lab panel includes Fasting Lipids, HA1c, Fasting Glucose, Fasting Insulin, Thyroid Stimulating Hormone, Vitamin B12 and more.

What We Look For

Potential diagnoses that can be revealed include Metabolic Syndrome, Abnormal Cholesterol, Insulin Resistance, Pre-Diabetes, Vitamin B12 deficiencies, and Hypothyroidism.

What You Can Learn

Our kits include educational materials to help you and your patient understand their results so that you can make your professional recommendations for next steps.

Exclusive Partner Perks

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Exclusive Incentives

It’s our priority to promote a science-based approach to weight loss and make our products accessible to as many people as possible. As an extra incentive, you’ll earn a percentage of the price every time one of your patients purchases the Weight Biology Kit.

Community Benefits

Get priority processing in our testing facilities for your patients, educational materials for your waiting rooms, monthly newsletters, and exclusive access to educational webinars hosted by our CEO and founder Dr. Alexandra Sowa. You’ll also be the first to learn about and access our new products when they launch.


Studying nutrition? Training to become a health coach? Know other professionals who you think would make great SoWell partners? We could use your help getting the word out! You’ll earn big rewards every time you refer a partner to our program.

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For Employers

Looking to add the Weight Biology Kit to your suite of employee wellness benefits? Send us an email at [email protected] and our team will get in touch shortly.