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Purchasing a SoWell Health Lab Kit

Taking my Blood Sample

Understanding Your Kit Results


Other Questions

Purchasing a SoWell Health Lab Kit

What items will I receive in my lab kit?

Your kit includes lancets, alcohol prep pads, gauze pads, bandages, and sample collection cards. It also includes a foil pouch, a specimen bag, and a bubble mailer with prepaid postage to return your sample. You’ll get detailed instructions on how to collect your sample and return it to one of our labs.

Can I purchase the lab kits in every U.S. state? Is it available internationally?

Our lab kits are available in every U.S. state except New York, New Jersey, and Rhode Island. They are not currently available internationally. If you’d like to be notified when our lab kit becomes available in your area, please let us know at support@getsowell.com.

Am I eligible to purchase an at-home lab kit?

If you are over the age of 18 and located in the United States (with the exception of New York, New Jersey, and Rhode Island), you are eligible to purchase our kits.

Are the lab kits covered by my insurance company?

Unfortunately, most insurance companies do not cover at-home blood testing. However, we encourage you to check with your individual health insurance carrier.

Can I use my HSA or FSA benefits to pay for the lab kits?

In most cases, you can submit your superbill receipt for reimbursement from your HSA/FSA account. To request this receipt, email support@getsowell.com. We encourage you to check with your individual plan for specific questions related to coverage and reimbursement.

What is SoWell Health’s refund policy?

We are unable to accept any returns nor issue any refunds at this time due to the regulations and safety protocols in place with medical supplies.

Why do I need to register my lab kit?

You must register your lab kit in order to receive your results and gain access to your portal account. Be sure to register your kit before you mail in your sample to prevent any delays or issues with your results.

Can I purchase a lab kit if I have a known health condition?

Yes! Our at-home lab kits can help you gain insights into a previously diagnosed condition. They also help you track and trend your own health data, so you can see improvements over time. However, we recommend reviewing the results with your doctors before making any changes in your day-to-day care.

How often should I test my labs?

We recommend taking a look at your lab work quarterly or at least twice a year. This will help you to stay up to date with your metabolic health journey and track improvements as you make health and lifestyle changes. We want to be your partner and help you gain health from the inside out.

Taking My Blood Sample

When can I take my sample?

Samples must be collected on an empty stomach before 10 AM. Please make sure you have not consumed any food or drink (with the exception of water) within 10 hours of taking your sample. This is an important step to make sure we can get accurate results.

If you ordered the PCOS Biology Kit, pay special attention to the instructions regarding when to take your sample. The test measures hormones that fluctuate throughout your cycle, so it is important to test your levels on day 3 of your cycle.

Does taking the blood sample hurt?

Our lab kits only require a finger prick—you’ll just feel a quick pinch. You may notice some bruising and soreness after taking your sample, but don’t worry! This is normal and will go away within a few days.

What do I do if I fail to fill up the entire blood sample card?

If your blood collection does not pass the designated line, our lab can not analyze your sample. In the case you fail to fill up the card with one finger prick, use the extra lancet provided to prick another finger on your non-dominant hand. It may take a few minutes to get enough blood. Try massaging from the base to the tip of the finger with your other hand to produce more blood flow.

How long do I have to send in my sample?

It is important to mail your sample to our lab on the same day as collection to ensure proper processing.

Will my kit expire?

Once you have received your kit, you have 6 months to register it in our portal.

How do I send my sample to the lab?

Our lab kits only require a finger prick—you’ll just feel a quick pinch. You may notice some bruising and soreness after taking your sample, but don’t worry! This is normal and will go away within a few days.

Understanding Your Kit Results

How long will it take to get my results?

After the lab has received your sample, your results will be available online within 7 business days.

What happens after I send my sample to your labs?

You will receive an email notification when your lab results have been uploaded into your SoWell Health portal. In the portal you’ll get an in-depth interpretation of your lab results through a specialized metabolic health lens. You’ll also gain access to exclusive video content and other resources to help you take the next step in your health journey.

What happens if my lab results come back with an error message?

Although it’s rare, this can happen. Please email us at support@getsowell.com and we will ship you another kit. If the error occurs again on the second attempt, we will recommend next steps you can take with your doctor.

Is my personal information safe? What kinds of privacy and safety measures are in place?

We recognize the importance of protecting your personal information. Protecting both the privacy and safety of our patients is our top priority. We have taken thoughtful steps to ensure the highest degree of protection. We are HIPAA compliant and use encryption on your data to make sure it is secure.


When should I take my supplements?

Each supplement is a bit different. We recommend following the instructions we’ve outlined on the bottle.

Can I take more than one type of supplement at a time?

Yes, you can take more than one type of supplement. We actually encourage it.

Will taking supplements really make a difference?

As a part of our mission to provide evidence-based care, we only sell supplements supported by scientific research. Each of our supplements has been shown to make a difference.

Other Questions

Can I become a patient at Dr. Sowa’s medical practice?

Our at-home lab kits were designed as a direct result of our founder’s desire to reach and help more people gain health. The lab kits are the perfect place to start when assessing your metabolic health. Once you have your results back, you can download your labs and use our doctor discussion guide to take the next steps. We will provide you with the resources to find a specialized doctor in your own area that will help with your medical management.