Reset your weight biology.

Get the most proven medical treatments for weight loss—like GLP-1 medication—from a doctor who glorifies your whole-body health (not the number on the scale).

Jump-Start lasting results.


Virtual 10-week program


1:1 appointments with your physician


Weekly calls for small-group learning


Resources developed by a physician

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Get Well.

Over 90% of patients (BMI greater than 30) lose 15% of their body weight by 6 months.

Stay Well.

By 18 months, over 90% of patients maintain their weight loss within 5%.

Tired of being told to
“eat less, move more”?

Let’s look at the whole story.

Excess weight can be linked to a range of factors, including our genes, hormones, gut, and more. This set of personal variables is your weight biology.

To reset your weight biology,
we look at:


Nutrition, Sleep, & Habits


Transforming our Thoughts


Tailored to Your Biology


Metabolic Evaluations & Labs

Bringing Dr. Sowa’s

Metabolic health clinic to you

Real-World Experience

Based on decades of work with patients at Dr. Sowa’s NYC metabolic health clinic.

Data-Backed Approach

Curated from dozens of leading methods to create a new, better approach.

Affordable Results

A real relationship with an expert clinician — without high, in-person clinic fees

What You Get

1:1 Medical Management with Dr. Alexandra Sowa

Dr. Sowa will perform a virtual medical intake, review lab work, prescribe FDA-approved weight loss meds, and closely monitor you for 10 weeks.

Weekly Weight Loss Workshops

Learn Dr. Sowa’s proven weight loss framework. Beyond “how” to lose weight, we’ll address how you think and feel about your body—a key to long-term success.

Group Coaching & Community

Learn from others in a safe space. While everyone’s journey is different, we’ve found participants benefit from shared experiences and questions.

Macro-based Nutrition Education

No calorie counting. No clunky apps. No generic meal plans. Discover a proven approach—fueling the body with healthy protein and fats and minimizing low-quality carbs.

You’ll also get:

Weekly worksheets & resources to support each week’s lesson

Feedback on your weekly progress to provide real-time accountability

Unlimited access to our team with responses in 24-48 business hours

Meet Your Instructor

Alexandra Sowa, MD

Dr. Alexandra Sowa is a dual board-certified physician of internal medicine specializing in metabolic health, and clinical instructor of medicine at NYU Langone. Dr. Sowa has served as a health expert for national media outlets and print publications like SiriusXM, CBS News, NPR, the New York Times, U.S. News, World Report, and more. In addition to her private practice in NYC, she is the founder of SoWell Health, a consumer metabolic health company.

Success Stories

“Seven months into this new lifestyle with Dr. Sowa, I am 50lbs lighter in both weight and stress/anxiety, and have no desire to ever go back to the way I was living before. I am grateful to have found a doctor that listens and approaches PCOS medically and holistically.”

-Erica, age 38

“Dr. Sowa’s approach has, and continues, to work so well for me because she truly cares about her patients as a whole, and works to ensure that every aspect of her program is working for me. I feel constantly supported, and for the first time in my life am confident that I am able to
maintain my body at its healthiest–122 pounds lighter and stronger.”

-Kristen, age 32

“Prior to the SoWell program, I thought I was eating well and totally healthy, but I couldn’t stop gaining weight. Dr. Sowa found a hormonal issue that had been overlooked by all of my other doctors and following her plan, I was able to drop 25lbs and keep it off – all without any medications.”

-Simon, age 56

Get well today.



Will insurance pay for this?
Unfortunately, this level of care is not supported by current insurance carriers. For this reason, we do not accept insurance or provide superbills. However, we will work closely with your insurance to try to get medications and lab work covered.

How do I know if my insurance will cover any medication?
Check with your insurance to learn more about the medications they cover. You can contact us for a list of medications we often prescribe.

Will my insurance company cover my lab work?
You can call your insurance company to find out what blood work they cover. Tests we order for patients include: Basic Metabolic Panel, Magnesium, Hepatic Panel, CBC, Iron and TIBC, Ferritin, TSH, HA1c, Insulin, Lipid Panel, Vitamin D and Vitamin B12.

What’s your refund policy?
Given the nature of the educational workshops and program format, we cannot issue refunds. However, our success rate is high—90% of participants lose 10-15% of body weight within six months!

Program Details

How is this program different?
Aside from our unique approach, the Weight Biology Reset blends features that other programs don’t. It includes medical management, shared group learning, and online resources. It’s not an app, so there’s real-person interaction with a board-certified obesity medicine physician.

Does this include meal plans?
The Weight Biology Reset does not include meal plans. Instead, we focus on the underlying reasons for weight gain or feeling out of control around food. We’ll empower you with a simple framework for nutrition—one that doesn’t leave you hungry all the time.

How do virtual appointments work?
We use a HIPAA-compliant, encrypted platform for all communications, including video chat appointments. It’s easy to log in from your phone or computer.

How much time do I need to commit to the Weight Biology Reset?
We want to make sure you have the energy to commit to your health. But we’ve crafted the program to be as easy and time-protective as possible. Each week, we’ll have a one-hour workshop. Then, we’ll give you simple follow-up tasks that take only 10 minutes a day.

Can I do your program if I am vegan or have a food allergy?
We don’t prescribe specific meal plans, so you can make this work for whatever restrictions you may have.

What’s next after the program is done?
As you’ll learn, weight loss is a journey. After you master the initial foundations, you’ll establish your next steps with Dr. Sowa. You can elect to continue seeing Dr. Sowa in her private practice, or we can help transition your medication management to your primary care provider.

I don’t have 100 lbs. to lose. Can I join?
Absolutely. It doesn’t matter what your specific weight is—if struggling with your metabolic health is part of your life, this program will help you feel your best.

What happens after the program?
As you’ll learn, weight loss is a journey. After you master the initial foundations, you’ll establish your next steps with Dr. Sowa. You can either continue seeing Dr. Sowa or we can help transition your medication management to your primary care provider.


What if the group times don’t work for me?
All workshops will be recorded (except the group sharing parts), so you can watch the videos when it’s convenient for you.

What if I don’t want to participate in group sessions?
It can be intimidating to participate in an online community. However, we’ve found that it is a key puzzle piece to your long-term success. Many people end up loving this element the most in the end!

What if I have to miss a week?
All workshops will be recorded (except the group sharing parts), so you can watch the videos when it’s convenient for you.


What if I have a primary care physician?
Our work in the Weight Biology Reset is in addition to your work with your primary care physician.

Do you work with patients outside the US?
No, Dr. Sowa is only credentialed in the US.

Am I eligible for this program?
The Weight Biology Reset is currently offered in 12 states and is constantly expanding. To see if you meet the requirements for the program, fill out an eligibility request.

Get well today.